AHA's online hospitality courses are specifically designed to provide the essential skills needed to succeed in today's global workplace. AHA's industry focused seminars and activities emphasize the development of both personal and professional leadership traits that are necessary in the 21st century workplace.


Business Communication in Hospitality & Tourism

The Business Communication in Hospitality and Tourism course focuses on the formal business communication processes commonly used in the hospitality and tourism workplace.


Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism

Provides an overview of the dynamic hospitality and tourism industry, its growth and development, industry segments and distinguishing characteristics, and trends.


Hospitality Professional

The Hospitality Professional Course is designed to enhance an individuals career and professional development skills with online seminars and activities focused on hospitality.


Hospitality Supervisor

The Hospitality Supervisor course is designed to teach future hospitality and service industry leaders the skills needed to succeed in the 21st century global workplace.


Managing Diversity in a Multicultural Workplace

Combines an understanding of culture with the development of key management skills so that a manager or prospective manager develops a range of core skills and values that can be applied in many different situations.