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Hospitality Courses

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AHA's professional development diploma programs and career development certificate courses are industry recognized and registered with the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education in the USA, allowing business and hospitality students to earn a recognized American credential.

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For over 30 years, the American Hospitality Academy has specialized in developing thousands of students worldwide for employment and leadership positions in all types of industries. Learn professional development skills needed to succeed in today's global workplace.

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Denise D., United States
As a student in graduate school and someone who has not yet entered the hospitality industry, the HPC program has given me an unbelievable amount of insight into the industry that I hope to soon become a part of. From learning about the Amazing Hospitality Attitude, standards of service, being onstage, to falling up, I feel that I am much more prepared to enter the hospitality industry with a wealth of knowledge, a smile, ready to go attitude, positivity and confidence in all that Iíve learned through this course.
Layla M., South Africa
I have gained tremendously by the AHA program. This course has shown me the importance of: being positive , having an open heart, cultural understanding, hard work, dedication, time management and so much more. The AHA program may have felt tedious at times and unhelpful, but when looking back I regret thinking those thoughts because it has changed my attitude towards how I view obstacles, challenges and hard work. I am so thankful to have completed this online course. I hope to have an amazing business purely because of the fact that I can make people who work for me, people who are in contact with my company or people I interact with feel my AMAZING HOSPITALITY ATTITUDE. My motivations and goals have shifted and my number 1 goal is to remember that it doesnít matter if you donít have the best of everything else, as long as you have the best attitude, then you will be truly successful.
Sharma M., Philippines
Before ending this American Hospitality course, Iíd like first to thank everyone who made up this online milestone. Itís life changing, simply Amazing. All I do is study and face the computer but in return I see the world. Studying AHA means developing an Amazing Hospitality Attitude within yourself and spreading it to others because it is contagious. AHA lets us reflect in ourselves, what do we really want, what are our visions in life and how to attain them. AHA teaches us how to become a better professional and how to become a better person to everyone around you. AHA plays a vital role in our self esteem and confidence as we continue our journey towards in hospitality
Lovely L., Thailand
The HPC seminars made me realize that I am in charge of my life. My character, attitude and the impressions of others will always depend on my thoughts and actions. It taught me that waking up everyday and doing the same thing over and over again is not enough. I must prioritize things and set goals. Also, it taught me how to convert negative thoughts, stress, and problems into a positive one to have a happier and positive outlook in life. One challenging experience I had was being surrounded and exposed to people with different attitudes and characters. I learned how to respect them despite the differences. The HPC seminars has made me a better person.

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