Developing 21st Century Employability Traits and Soft Skills

For over 30 years, the American hospitality has specialized in developing thousands of students world wide for employment and leadership opportunities. All courses have been specifically designed for students and industry professionals who aspire to manage and lead effectively in the 21st century. AHA's online certificate courses provide students with a strong business and hospitality foundation while inspiring and teaching work ethics, cultural understanding and the leadership skills needed to function effectively anywhere in the world.

All courses are delivered online through World Campus giving students the opportunity to participate in online activities and discussions with other students from around the world. Learning to embrace diversity and show respect for individual differences is key to successful management and leadership in today's multicultural workplace.


Curriculum Business

Business Courses

Our business courses are designed to meet the greatest challenges that 21st century leaders face - the ability to successfully lead a culturally diverse workforce, maintain a strong sense of integrity and provide a quality product or service in a business climate characterized by rapid changes and globalization. Participants will learn skills that focus on leadership, employability traits, cultural diversity, and the soft skills needed to succeed in today's multicultural workplace.

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Curriculum Hospitality

Hospitality Courses

Our hospitality courses develop the employability traits and multicultural skills needed to effectively work and lead in the dynamic hospitality and tourism industry. Our courses inspire participants to develop a more positive attitude, strong character, an appreciation for the benefits of effective communication and cultural understanding. Participants will learn how to inspire and motivate people of various backgrounds to achieve common goals while acting locally and thinking globally.

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