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In this online hospitality course you will learn ways you can be part of the security team of your organization by using effective procedures and tools to detect, respond and take action to events that may threaten you or your organization.


  • Hotel Security, Safety, and Awareness
  • Recognizing, Reporting, and Responding to Suspicious Activity
  • Providing Hotel Security as a Service
  • How to Create a Hotel Security Plan
  • Safety and Security Training


9 modules - Courses are fully online and can be completed at your own time and pace. It’s estimated that each module takes 1-2 hours to complete.




Hotel security management awareness is a process, not an event and its procedures work best when people work together.

It is important to know and understand that Security at a hotel property is everyone’s responsibility. Trained and alert employees are essential to keeping the hotel safe and play a very important role in security. No matter your position, you play a critical role in recognizing, reporting and responding to suspicious activity.

Course Topics

Threats and Risks
This module will discuss hotel liabilities and the specific threats and risks that are associated with hostile, criminal and or terrorist activity. You will also learn ways to help you identify the various types of threats associated with these risks and the reasons for suspicion.

Suspicious People and Behavior
This module looks closely at the types of suspicious activity you may encounter at a hotel. Hotel employees come in contact with hundreds of individuals- guests, co-workers, vendors, contractors- every day as the hotel environment is a very busy place. Because of this, suspicious activity has the potential to go unnoticed.

Suspicious Objects, Vehicles and Mail
This module will focus on the strategies you should use and information you should have when reporting suspicious activity. You will enhance what you have learned so far to further help you understand how you can keep your property safe by reporting and responding to suspicious activity and hostile events.

Reporting: Say Something!
Good character does not just happen. We develop this, each and every day, by the choices we make in both our personal and professional lives. This seminar will teach you to appreciate the importance of developing positive character traits, identify desirable traits and be able to explain their benefit in the workplace. It's important to be able to recognize personality and behavior flaws that cause difficulties on the job.
Responding: Take Action!
In this module, you will learn to Take Action in response to an emergency or security situation. Once you can define an emergency situation, you will be able to proactively learn the appropriate response and course of action to help keep yourself, your guests and teammates safe.

Security as a Service
In this module, you will be introduced to the concept of Security as a Service. You will learn ways that a hotel can adopt a security plan that incorporates the main elements to effective security within a hotel.

Security Procedures and the Guest Cycle Part I
This module will take you through the first two stages of the guest cycle of pre-arrival and arrival and you will learn procedures that will contribute to your role in your hotel security plan. A hotel's security plan is only as effective as the people implementing it. Providing security as a service can be positive for a hotel if it is performed daily by all departments and their departmental teams.

Security Procedures and the Guest Cycle Part II
This module will take you through the last two stages of the guest cycle of occupancy and departure stage. You will learn specific procedures that will contribute to your role in your hotel's security plan.





Evelyn I.
I learnt that even thought that sometimes in the workplaces I will face difficult situations with coworkers as with guests, it is always up to me how I can react and act, it is my choice how I can improve at work and at the same time enjoy it every day. It is all about my attitude and my commitment with my career and my work that it is going to help me to give that "extra" to the guests, others coworker and the company. Also, the diversity and multicultural exchange is something unavoidable in this industry and at the same time it is what makes this industry extremely enjoyable and amazing.
Vasil V.
Using the AHA standards every day changed my whole conception about working in the Hospitality Industry and made it so much better and actually easier. What I mean is that having the right tools to deal with different situations, to have an idea how you should react the right way and to know how to organize yourself - you are ready to go. And I'm not just saying it -this program gave me the chance to go to the top of my department being an F&B Manager the last 3 months, so each and every module and exercise is incredibly useful every day and I feel that I have a solid ground start climbing my ladder of success!

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