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The key to your success as a supervisor is to be able to identify both the hard issues and soft issues and use the right skills to approach them. This online hospitality course is designed to do just that by placing equal emphasis on the development of "hard skills" and "soft skills".


  • Focusing on the top employability traits deemed essential by hospitality industry leaders around the world
  • Emphasizing people and service skills enriched with multicultural understanding and awareness
  • Developing an appreciation of other cultures, traditions and beliefs, to perform more effectively in the 21st century workplace
  • Inspiring participants “A HA!” or Amazing Hospitality Attitude needed for success in life - both personally and professionally.


10 modules - Courses are fully online and can be completed at your own time and pace. It’s estimated that each module takes 1-2 hours to complete.




As a supervisor, effective supervisory skills are essential to maintaining a positive environment at work. A great supervisor needs “hard skills” to improve systems and “soft skills” to improve people. The HSC online hospitality course teaches both. In order to succeed in a high-performance workplace, a great supervisor needs to develop both these skills to help maintain and lead a winning team.

The majority of supervisors around the world are more trained to identify and deal with only the hard issues such as poor quality, low production, absenteeism, and unacceptable customer service. However, the underlying cause of hard issues is often found in the soft issues.

The soft issues are the people issues – the fundamental attitudes or mindsets of your employees. These soft issues consist of less tangible aspects that are not as easily measured, yet, they directly impact the hard issues every day and therefore the bottom line of your company.

Course Topics

Learning to Lead Former Peers
Transitioning from employee to supervisor may mean that you will be motivating and leading your former peers. This session will allow you to tackle this transition with confidence to help you succeed. As a new supervisor, you were promoted based on both your technical and human relation skills. Your promotion is an exciting time, however, one that you need to approach with caution so you start off on the right foot.

Supervisor and the Management Process
This session will review the management process and ask you to apply them within the context of your particular hospitality or tourism specialty. As a future hospitality supervisor, you must know and understand the basic principles of management that are essentially the same in any type of business and at all management levels. Learn how to apply these principles within the context of the resources available to you within your organization.

Recruit a Winning Team
This seminar will describe internal and external recruiting, interview techniques, and prepare you to work with human resources, or HR, to develop a winning team in your department. As a supervisor, you need to understand the basic policies and procedures which human resources staff use when recruiting and selecting employment candidates.

Conflict and Resolution
This session will help you learn to the appropriate reactions to common problems that supervisors are faced with in the workplace. Do you like to handle problems? In general, nobody enjoys handling problems and conflict. But they can be the fire that tempers and strengthens your skills as a supervisor. New supervisors often have one of two reactions to problems and conflict: to ignore them, or to try to solve them without any help from co-workers.
Team in Training
This session will show you how to orientate and train new employees for success and help in employee retention. Make the Connection! During orientation and training, the supervisor is the new employee’s connection to the organization.

Motivating and Team Building
This seminar identifies some strategies you can use to motivate employees, foster teamwork, and improve your own leadership skills. After completing this lesson you should be able to understand what motivation is and how it benefits you, your employees, and your property. You should also be able to use appropriate motivational strategies, know how to promote teamwork and get employees to help you solve problems and make suggestions about ways to build teamwork.

Managing Productivity
This session will help you set successful productivity standards that can make a big difference in overall performance. Few industries depend upon their employees to the same degree as the hospitality industry. Without great employees, no property can enjoy an outstanding reputation. Just as the quality of a guest’s visit to your property depends on your employees, so too does your success as a supervisor.

Coach and Evaluation
This session will review the crucial supervisory tasks such as performance reviews, coaching and discipline. According to many leadership studies, employees need feedback, coaching and discipline more than ever to help drive success and improve worker performance.




Caterina G.
South Africa
Its two completely different experiences learning about what to expect in the hospitality industry and physically working in it. I've had to face many challenges during my studies regarding efficient time management as the workload gets quite strenuous and overwhelming at times, but AHA has helped me effectively set my priorities. These courses have also helped show me the importance of positive attitude and it has completely changed my outlook on life and my daily activities. I often go back and re-watch all the inspirational "a ha" videos when I'm feeling uncertain.
Sunil T.
AHA is such a big help to everyone. It provides information and tips on how to become a better individual in terms of dealing with customers, peers, workmates, superiors. It also provides ways and means on how to become motivated, and inspired in doing daily tasks. It also helps us enhance our skills and potential to become successful in our chosen industry. Thank you AHA - I've learned a lot!

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