Inspiring Amazing Hospitality Attitudes

AHA has been an amazing part of my studies because it taught me a lot from the basics to the most crucial parts of the hospitality industry. I have learned the importance of attitude and character in both the workplace and my personal life. AHA helped me to embrace and learn about the different cultures that make up the hospitality workplace. This course was such a big help in my overall personality and confidence. It made me become a better me. The lessons I have learned here will stay with me forever - Krizia Castillo, Student, Our Lady of Fatima, Manila Philippines


Introduction to Hospitality

Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism

This introductory course provides an overview of the dynamic hospitality and tourism industry, it's growth and development, industry segments and their distinguishing characteristics, trends and current concerns. Students are introduced to career opportunities and the employability skills needed to succeed in specific hospitality fields.

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Hospitality Professional

Hospitality Professional Course

This course identifies the basics work ethics and employability traits that are essential for any hospitality professional to develop and demonstrate in order to provide outstanding service to their customers. HPC inspires participants to develop a more positive attitude, strong character, an appreciation for the benefits of effective communication and cultural understanding.

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Hospitality Supervisor

Hospitality Supervisor Course

A great supervisor needs "hard" skills to improve systems and "soft' skills" to improve people. The Hospitality Supervisor course teaches both. In order to succeed in a high performance workplace, a great supervisor needs to develop both these skills to help maintain and lead a winning team.

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ManagingDiversity in a Multicultural Workplace

Managing Diversity in a Multicultural Workplace

There is no one road map on how to approach cultural diversity issues. This course provides an understanding of culture with the development of key management skills, allowing a manager or a prospective manager to develop a range of core skills, guided by management principles that can be effectively applied in different situations.

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Business Communication in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

This course covers the different ways by which business communication is undertaken, where specific skills need to be developed as necessary tools for business success. These include: making effective presentations, written communication, business correspondence, the art of listening and reading comprehension.

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Hotel Security Program

Hotel Security Awareness and Service

Hotel Security Awareness is a process, not an event and it's procedures work best when people work together. In this course you will learn ways you can be part of the security team of your organization by using effective procedures and tools to detect, respond and take action to events that may threaten you or your organization.

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