Developing 21st Century Employability Traits and Soft Skills

AHA World Campus (AHA WC) is a USA licensed post-secondary virtual school, aimed to complement the curriculum of high schools and colleges anywhere in the world. AHA's career and professional development courses, licensed by the Commission on Higher Education (CHE) of South Carolina, give emphasis to teaching the key employability traits as well as multicultural skills needed for success in today's diverse workforce. The following courses have been designed for the high school level and can be used to complement an existing career education/ preparatory course or be used as a course resource and enhancement.


Career Essentials and Service

Career Essentials & Service

The Career Essential and Service course (CES) identifies the basics work ethics and principles that are essential for any professional to develop and demonstrate in order to provide outstanding service to their customers. CES inspires participants to develop a more positive attitude, strong character, an appreciation for the benefits of effective communication and cultural understanding.

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Business Communication

Business Communication: Verbal and Non Verbal

The Business Communication course covers the different ways by which business communication is undertaken, where specific skills need to be developed as necessary tools for business success. These include: making effective presentations, written communication, business correspondence, the art of listening and reading comprehension.

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Introduction to Hospitality

Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism

This introductory course provides an overview of the dynamic hospitality and tourism industry, it's growth and development, industry segments and their distinguishing characteristics, trends and current concerns. Students are introduced to career opportunities and the employability skills needed to succeed in specific hospitality fields.

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