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The Career Essentials and Service online business course was designed for students who are preparing to begin their business or hospitality career, or anyone currently working in the service industry. The overall purpose of the CES online hospitality course is to enhance the participant's career essentials and professional development skills. The topics and activities in CES are designed to inspire participants to deliver service excellence by developing an “A HA!” Amazing Hospitality Attitude!


  • Enhancing Career and Professional Development Skills
  • Top employability traits deemed essential by hospitality and tourism industry leaders
  • Emphasizing people and service skills enriched with multicultural understanding and awareness
  • Developing an appreciation of other cultures, traditions and beliefs, to perform more effectively in the workplace
  • Inspiring participants “A HA!” or Amazing Hospitality Attitude needed for success in life - both personally and professionally


8 modules - Courses are fully online and can be completed at your own time and pace. It's estimated that each module takes 2-3 hours to complete.




Career Essentials and Service (CES) consists of a series of self-paced online seminars and gives emphasis to teaching the key employability traits as well as multicultural skills needed for success in today's diverse workplace. This course emphasizes the importance of personal leadership development as you cannot begin to lead others until you can first begin to lead yourself.

CES identifies the basic work ethics and principles that are essential for anybody wishing to work and be successful in today’s 21st Century workplace. CES inspires you to develop a more positive attitude, strong character, an appreciation for the benefits of effective communication and cultural understanding.

Course Topics

Spirit of Hospitality
Increasing competition within the fast paced 21st Century workplace has also increased the importance of the role customer service plays in the success of any organization. This seminar will help you develop the kind of positive, caring customer service attitude that will enable you to shine! You will learn to recognize what constitutes and contributes to customer satisfaction and how exceeding these standards directly correlate to the success of your hospitality career and future position.

Choose Your Attitude
It is not your aptitude but your attitude that will determine your success in your business career. A positive attitude is the essence of providing exceptional customer service, which is why the most successful companies hire for attitude and train for aptitude. Life produces extraordinary rewards for those who give in extraordinary ways. Learn how to soar to new heights with an "attitude of gratitude" that sees life's challenges as opportunities.

Character Building
This seminar will teach you to appreciate the importance of developing positive character traits, identify desirable traits and be able to explain their benefit in the workplace. It's important to recognize personality and behavior flaws that cause difficulties on the job. Good character does not just happen. We develop this, each and every day, by the choices we make in both our personal and professional lives.

Business Communication
Good character does not just happen. We develop this, each and every day, by the choices we make in both our personal and professional lives. This seminar will teach you to appreciate the importance of developing positive character traits, identify desirable traits and be able to explain their benefit in the workplace. It's important to be able to recognize personality and behavior flaws that cause difficulties on the job.

Without cooperation, workplaces will not survive, much less thrive. The ability to cooperate with co-workers is key to individual success, team success, and the success of the organization. This seminar reviews the professional interactions and cooperation skills.

Attendance and Time Management
Time is always a scarce and precious resource for everyone. Those who manage their time wisely lead well-rounded lives, accomplish more personally, as well as professionally, experience less stress and feel better about themselves. This seminar helps you develop strategies for delegating tasks, prioritizing, and planning to increase your efficiency.

Appearance and Etiquette
Studies have shown that thirty seconds is all it takes for someone meeting you to form an entire list of impressions about your character and your abilities. In this seminar, we will discuss the importance of appearance, grooming, hygiene and etiquette in the workplace. Once we learn to look through the eyes of the guest, we will begin to realize that our success depends not only in acting, but in looking the part as well.

Embrace Change and Fall Up!
Things do not always go our way. Failure is not the falling down, but the staying down. In other words, if you stay down, you quit- you fail! You are going to have disappointments in your work and in your personal life. The question that separates the best from the rest is how you are going to deal with negativity and embrace the change around you. This seminar will discuss how you can “fall up” and embrace the change around you.

Elements of Service and Customer Magic
This seminar will discuss how you can own and take charge of your customer interactions and deliver the "A HA!" with magic! Learn the 3 C's of Customer Magic: Connect, Contribute and Conclude. We will discuss commitment, imagination, creativity and how you can develop customer magic skills by having an open mind and consistency.

Teamwork - Wear your "a ha!" Onstage!
This seminar will discuss how you and your team can work together to display Amazing Hospitality Attitudes while onstage at work. The ultimate goal of any organization is to achieve overall effectiveness. In other words, the sum should be greater than its parts! Of course, we all want to succeed as individuals, but our primary focus should always be on the success of the organization as a whole. This requires teamwork.

Understanding Culture
This seminar defines key terms, processes, and concepts to help you understand the general meaning of culture and how it works in our world. The central focus of this session is the relationship between "Culture in the Abstract" and "Culture in the Flesh." It is important to understand that the beliefs and behaviors of a particular culture are not arbitrary, but are part of that culture's rich history and heritage.

Breaking Down Stereotypes
This seminar focuses on the important keys to building a cross-cultural community, specifically the need for breaking down harmful stereotypes. Breaking down stereotypes requires that individuals, societies, and government institutions make a commitment to gaining new insights and perspectives through compassion, honesty, self-control, compromise and participation, with the common good in mind.

Effective Cross-Cultural Communication
This seminar explains the challenges of business communication in a multi-cultural workplace and introduces you to issues that may occur as a result of miscommunication. Learn the skills needed for effective cross-cultural communication and the strategies that you may implement to increase your ability to communicate in a multi-cultural setting.

Celebrating Diversity
This seminar offers you the opportunity to learn how to celebrate cultural diversity in the workplace with your peers, employees or clientele. It introduces you the importance of diversity in the workplace, explains the characteristics and challenges of a multi-cultural workplace, and presents leadership strategies for you to practice and implement.




Tushar D.
The AHA course was professional and so outstanding while being super fun. AHA taught me about the importance of teamwork and improved my communication and showed me how to adapt to a diverse work environment . It was an overall great experience and will definitely help me grow in the future.
Evelyn I.
I learnt that even thought that sometimes in the workplaces I will face difficult situations with coworkers as with guests, it is always up to me how I can react and act, it is my choice how I can improve at work and at the same time enjoy it every day. It is all about my attitude and my commitment with my career and my work that it is going to help me to give that "extra" to the guests, others coworker and the company. Also, the diversity and multicultural exchange is something unavoidable in this industry and at the same time it is what makes this industry extremely enjoyable and amazing.

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