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AHA's International Business Leadership Diploma specifically addresses concerns related to: leadership, cultural diversity, technology, and interpersonal skills, all of which are necessary in today's global workplace. The emphasis is on developing business leadership and management skills, supervisory skills, positive attitudes, strong work ethics, a sense of responsibility, the desire to excel, effective business communication, and multicultural management skills. Gain the professional edge required to secure the best business jobs in the world. Make your career goals a reality by learning the advanced skills needed for an exciting and successful career in business or management.

You will learn:
  • Successfully lead others in a culturally diverse workforce
  • Maintain a strong sense of integrity while providing a quality product or service
  • Inspire and motivate employees of various backgrounds and cultures
  • Work within a business climate characterized by rapid change and globalization

The goal of AHA's professional development diplomas is to develop industry leaders who will lead from a greater place of understanding of the world and the various people and cultures working within it. Participants will learn how to inspire and motivate people of various backgrounds to achieve common business goals.


AHA's professional development diploma programs and career development certificate courses are industry recognized and registered with the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education in the USA, allowing business and hospitality students to earn a recognized American credential.

100% Online

All courses are taken completely online, allowing students to take courses and learn from anywhere that you have internet access. Learn on your own time and pace so that you can make your own schedule. Print your certificate when you have completed the course.

30+ Years Experience

For over 30 years, the American Hospitality Academy has specialized in developing thousands of students worldwide for employment and leadership positions in all types of industries. Learn professional development skills needed to succeed in today's global workplace.

Course Curriculum

Career Essentials and Service

Career Essentials and Service

Emphasizes the importance of personal leadership development as you can not begin to lead others until you can first lead yourself. This course identifies basics work ethics and principles that are essential in providing outstanding service to their customers.

Business Communication: Verbal and Non Verbal

Business Communication: Verbal and Non Verbal

Covers the various areas of communication currently used in conducting 21st Century business effectively. This course provides an overview of the various channels of business communication and elements of communication - both verbal and non-verbal.

Supervision in the Workplace

Supervision in the Workplace

Teaches effective supervisory skills that are essential to maintaining a positive environment at work. Great supervisors need 'hard' skills to improve systems and 'soft' skills' to effectively coach and improve people, in order to maintain and lead a winning team.

Managing Diversity in the Workplace

Managing Diversity
in the Workplace

Provides an understanding of culture with the development of key management skills, allowing a manager or a prospective manager to develop a range of core skills, guided by management principles that can be effectively applied in different situations.

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Course Work

Successfully complete all 4 of AHA's Business Leadership Courses. Each module takes 2-3 hours to complete.
You Will Earn
  • 4 Individual Course Certificates
  • Professional Development Diploma
  • AHA Achievement Lapel Pin
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Benefits of the Business Leadership Diploma Program

This online corporate training program provides participants with a strong business management foundation while inspiring and teaching strong work ethics, cultural understanding and the leadership skills needed to function effectively anywhere in the world. A professional development diploma from AHA World Campus provides you with the competitive edge you need to succeed in business by:

  • Focusing on the management and employability traits that industry leaders have identified as being essential for a successful career in business.
  • Providing valuable opportunities for professional development and emphasizing personal leadership development within a global perspective.
  • Developing an understanding of other cultures, traditions and beliefs, and your ability to work with and manage a multicultural workplace.
  • Acknowledging that you possess the skills and competencies required for success in your position.
  • Demonstrating your commitment to professional development in your career.
  • Sending a message to potential employers that you are motivated to learn and driven to succeed.

AHA's Diploma programs emphasize the mastery of the following key areas:

Online business leadership training program

  • People/Leadership Skills Enriched with Multicultural Understanding & Awareness
    Individuals will learn how to effectively communicate, manage, and lead others with a strong cultural awareness and understanding of diverse cultures.
  • Language & Business Communication Skills
    Individuals will learn enhanced language and business communication skills which are required for effective communication in the workplace.
  • International Business & Management Skills
    This Diploma program gives emphasis to the exercise of effective business management skills, enriched with an international perspective.
  • Technology Skills & Preparedness
    Technology preparedness is a pillar for global competitiveness. A good grasp of fast changing business technology calls for individuals who have a high level of comfort and mastery.

Schools, Universities, and Corporate

AHA's curriculum is available to Universities, High Schools,
and Corporate Training, all around the world!


Academic institutions are in a race towards developing graduates who are equipped to meet the demands of the global community. Global competitiveness is the direction that schools everywhere are headed for in developing their graduates. AHA courses are aimed to enhance and internationalize the hospitality and business curriculum of educational institutions anywhere in the world.

AHA's certificate programs are registered with the Commission on Higher Education in the USA allowing students to earn a recognized American credential. AHA's courses have been designed for college and university programs and can be used to complement an existing course such as an Internship Preparatory course or can be used as a course supplement and resource.

High Schools

Career readiness and employability skills also known as transferable skills, have become a critical part of education. Employers are seeking graduates with a combination of skills that fall under this career readiness and employability umbrella that include such things as soft skills or people skills, customer service skills and life skills. These skills include: effective non-verbal and verbal communication, problem solving, being a team player, accepting responsibility, having a positive attitude, showing good character and time management.

AHA World Campus is a USA licensed post-secondary virtual school, aimed to complement the curriculum of high schools. AHA's career and professional development courses, licensed by the Commission on Higher Education (CHE) of South Carolina, give emphasis to key employability traits and multicultural skills needed for success in today's diverse workforce.

Corporate Training

Customer retention is all about customer service and customer service is all about employee morale, motivation and training. AHA's online certificate courses assists employers with both. It's estimated that 80% of lost customers don't return because of bad service. AHA World Campus will give your employees the skills they need to not just satisfy customers, but to keep them returning to your business again and again.

Since 1986, the American Hospitality Academy has had one singular pursuit, "to motivate and inspire employees to deliver excellent service, and to achieve an "a ha" or an Amazing Hospitality Attitude. Through AHA's World Campus, companies can now take advantage of AHA's proven techniques and affordable customer service and management training courses. All courses are taken fully online and can be completed at your employee's own time and pace.

Workforce Development

For over 30 years, the American Hospitality Academy has specialized in developing thousands of college students worldwide for employment and leadership positions in the hospitality industry. AHA is now bringing our years of experience to workforce development and youth programs to help individuals become more employable in the service industry by inspiring their "a ha!" an Amazing Hospitality Attitude.

In today's workforce, soft skills or people skills have become increasingly valued by employers. While traditionally, workers were hired primarily for their technical or functional skills, organizations are now placing greater emphasis on less tangible qualities, such as good communication skills, cooperativeness, character and a positive attitude. AHA teaches the soft skills that are needed for young adults to succeed in the workplace.

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Student Reviews

Eldridge M., Philippines
The greatest challenge that I have encountered is working with different types of people. Sometimes I like to question myself why things are the way they are. Why some people act nice and some act aggressive when dealing with one another. It feels like we forget that they are who we are. It came to a point that I was about to give up since I can't understand why my other co-workers are acting the way they do. But with the help of the AHA seminars, I became more open to different cultures and now develop ways to battle stereotypes. I was able to build a harmonious relationship with my co-workers of different races.
Evelyn I., Argentina
I learnt that even thought that sometimes in the workplaces I will face difficult situations with coworkers as with guests, it is always up to me how I can react and act, it is my choice how I can improve at work and at the same time enjoy it every day. It is all about my attitude and my commitment with my career and my work that it is going to help me to give that "extra" to the guests, others coworker and the company. Also, the diversity and multicultural exchange is something unavoidable in this industry and at the same time it is what makes this industry extremely enjoyable and amazing.

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