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This online business course is focused on effective business communication processes commonly used in today's multicultural workplace. Emphasis is given to channels of communication, the different medium and tools used in business communication and how each can be used effectively.


  • Verbal and Non Verbal Communication Skills
  • The Practice and Art of Communication in the Workplace
  • Various Business Communication Strategies
  • The Use of Technology in Communication
  • Correct Format of Various Business Communication Tools
  • Public Speaking


10 modules - Courses are fully online and can be completed at your own time and pace. It's estimated that each module takes 1-2 hours to complete.




In this so called “age of communication”, workplaces around the world continues to be challenged by endless concerns related to communication. Most workplaces are people and service oriented and employ a vast amount of manpower to get things done. In today's workforce, day to day operations calls for a continuous flow of information that should be delivered promptly, accurately and efficiently through the most appropriate medium.

Constant interaction and close coordination among employees is a necessity. Teamwork is of utmost importance to be able to get things done promptly and according to standards, to satisfy customers and exceed their expectations. All these require effective communication.

This course is focused on the formal communication processes commonly used in today's multicultural workplace. It also covers verbal and nonverbal means of communication used in the business context, the use of technology in communication, the correct format of various business communication tools as well as public speaking.

Course Topics

M1 Business Communication Overview
An overview of the business communication course that shows how technology has changed the way we communicate in the industry. You will also learn the various parts that are involved in the communication process and begin to understand why communication is complex and challenging.

M2 Channels of Communication
We communicate in many different ways. This module will define the four primary communication channels and the advantages and disadvantages of each. You will begin to practice when, how, why and where to properly use these channels in the industry.

M3 Elements of Communication: Non Verbal
Communication is determined not by how well we say things, but by how well we are understood. While we might think differently, in actuality our vocal and visual communication has more power than actually what we say verbally. In this module, you will learn the common myths and three main elements of business communication.

M4 Elements of Communication: Verbal
In this module, you will learn the six main elements of verbal communication and how they are used for successful communication in the workplace. While verbal communication has many advantages if done effectively, it can also have many disadvantages based on who you are talking to.

M5 Effective Presentations
In this module, you will learn detailed ways to create a presentation from start to implementation along with tools to help you enhance your overall speech. Public Speaking can be scary, however if you understand the three main goals of effective presentations (confidence, content and connection) it will be easier to implement each stage of developing a successful business presentation.

M6 Written Communication
In these two modules, you will learn to successfully correspond your message through communication mediums such as: Email, Text, Memos, Logs, Formal and Informal Business Letters, and Reports. Today’s advances in technology has allowed business correspondence to move from just letters to other types of short messages between two people or two correspondents. In the workplace you will be asked to create correspondence in many different situations.

M7 AND M8 Business Correspondence Part I and Part II
Studies have shown that thirty seconds is all it takes for someone meeting you to form an entire list of impressions about your character and your abilities. In this seminar, we will discuss the importance of appearance, grooming, hygiene and etiquette in the workplace. Once we learn to look through the eyes of the guest, we will begin to realize that our success depends not only in acting, but in looking the part as well.

M9 Enhancing your Listening Skills
This module defines how listening can enhance your overall verbal and nonverbal business communication skills and gives you ways to practice while showing empathy in the industry. How well do you actually listen when someone is speaking? In reality, we usually talk more than we listen.

M10 Effective Business Reading
This module will list common strategies that can help you enhance your business language and comprehension for success as you grow within an organization. Many business leaders today are finding that frequent reading is one of the best ways to develop their vocabulary, improve comprehension and their overall communication. The more you practice your reading comprehension and business language the more you will be able to read large amounts of text without worrying too much about details or looking up vocabulary words.




April H.
I thought I knew a lot about customer service. After taking this course, I have learned that I do not know everything. I have already started taking what I have learned from this course and implementing it at my workplace. I found some things to come easy, and other things I still need to work at. I have learned that it is all about attitude. I've leaned how to better deal with my coworkers and find a middle ground. I have used the words "onstage" and "offstage" often. I feel I have more confidence in myself! I am sure I will have many "a ha" moments in my future career as a manager.
George B.
My internship at Ballenisles Country Club was very stressful and demanding to begin with due to the vast amount of new information and the comprehensive knowledge that I needed to grasp in order to perform my job to the highest standard, at times I felt completely out of my depth but with the help the seminars I was able to put many of the new skills I had learned from my AHA course and use them in order to help me improve day by day. Having the right attitude and setting myself goals were key components to helping reach the level and standard that was expected by my club.

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