What Are Supervisory Skills?

Image If you're thinking about taking a managerial job, you should brush up on your supervisory skills. While requirements for managerial positions vary depending on the industry, the specific type of managerial job, the company's culture and other factors, they generally all require you to monitor the performance of other employees as well as give those employees instructions. You can perform these tasks more effectively and efficiently if you have strong supervisory skills.

What Are Supervisory Skills?

Supervisory Skills Explained

what is career and technical educationThe term "supervisory skills" refers to skills used by managers that helps them perform their job. As previously mentioned, managers must interact with employees to monitor performance and dictate tasks. Supervisory skills are the qualities or traits that allow managers to perform these tasks. Supervisory skills are generally considered soft skills because they involve the direct communication between a manager and an employee.

The Different Types of Supervisory Skills

All supervisory skills allow managers to better perform their job, but there are different types of supervisory skills, some of which include the following:
  • Leadership skills: As a manager, you are responsible for leading a team of employees. Leadership skills reflect the way in which you are able to lead employees.
  • Communication skills: You'll also need strong communication skills to succeed in a managerial position. A type of supervisory skill, communication skills reflect your ability to communicate with employees, customers and other individuals in your professional work.
  • Conflict resolution skills: Managers do more than just dictate tasks. In many cases, they must resolve conflicts between two or more employees. Your ability to resolve such conflicts is measured in your conflict resolution skills.
  • Motivation skills: As the name suggests, motivation skills refer to your ability to motivate employees. According to Gallup, managers are responsible for 70% of their employees' engagement. If you aren't able to motivate your employees, they'll become disengaged, resulting in poorer performance.

How to Improve Your Supervisory Skills

You can improve your supervisory skills in several ways, one of which is to take a hospitality course. Hospitality courses teach you skills associated with the hospitality industry. And because the hospitality industry revolves around soft skills, enrolling in a hospitality course will improve your supervisory skills.

In addition to taking a hospitality course, you can also improve your supervisory skills by taking a low-level managerial job. Of course, this may or may not be possible depending on your current employment. But if you're able to secure a low-level managerial job, you'll naturally learn and develop your supervisory skills.

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