Need an Internship Attitude Boost - Today?

Image Yes! You landed the internship that you wanted! It's the night before your first day and you look into the mirror with a smile and give yourself a proud pat on the back. You lay out your clean and crisp uniform and lay down for a good night's sleep. As you sleep, you dream. You dream of the goals you have set, your personal development, being a manager soon, meeting other interns from around the world, cultural exchange, your endless opportunities and of course FUN! You dream of all the wonderful things your internship can bring you, if you just work hard and stay positive. (insert smile).

WAKE UP (insert loud horn)! Fast forward 3 months into your internship. It's the night before the am front desk shift and you lay out your wrinkled uniform that you found in the dirty clothes, you look in the mirror with a frown and you slowly get into bed, knowing you will only get about 5 hours sleep. As you sleep, you dream. You dream of long hours, upset guests, busy check-in, changes in responsibilities, blurred vision of goals and other negative feelings. (insert grumpy face)

Sound familiar? Sounds like someone needs an Attitude Boost! So, uncross your arms, sit up and pay attention. Ready? Great! Let's get ready for a nice positive boost in the ___________ (you know the answer!)

Boost #1: Remember, it's an internship. It's supposed to be difficult at times. You are learning how to deal with customers, work as a team, follow directions, adhering to time schedules and your appearance. So, step back and remember you are in training, you are not the manager and you are not perfect. If you were, you would not need an internship. Look at your mistakes as guidelines (positive), and not stop signs (negative).

Boost #2: Remember you have choice, (don't disagree, yes you do!). In every single moment, you have a choice to be caring or uncaring, to be calm or angry, open or judgmental, attentive or dismissive, respectful or full of disdain. No matter what is going on, you can choose to focus on what is right, what is good for yourself, and you make those choices from the many options you have in any given situation. Your attitude is not set, it's a choice.

OK, OK, before you click out of this article, I know you might be saying, "What is all this fuss about attitude? Does it really make a difference?" Well, why I have your attention... YES IT DOES! In fact, attitude is the difference maker. Let me show you how (stay with me)

Boost #3: Attitude isn't everything, there are other factors such as talent, education, and experience. HOWEVER, it is the one thing that can make a significant difference in your life. Need proof? (I knew you would say yes, so see below) What separates the best from the rest? Have you ever thought about that? What separates the gold medalist from the silver medalist in the Olympics? What separates the successful employee from one who doesn't make it? What makes it possible for one person to thrive even when obstacles are tossed their way, while others simply give up?

So, what is the answer? (Let me give you a hint... It is simply, one word.) That's right, the answer is attitude! Throughout our careers, the AHA World Campus team has always lived by the following statement, "I cannot always choose what happens TO me, but I can always choose what happens IN me". We choose to be filled with positive energy and a positive outlook. What will you choose the next time you go to bed and dream about your next day at work? (You've Got This!)

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