Business Communication in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

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Hospitality English and Communication

The Hospitality English and Communication (HEC) Certificate consists of a series of self-paced online seminars and activities that have been created for students who are studying or currently working in the hospitality industry. The overall purpose of the HEC course is to maximize student’s confidence when communicating within the hospitality environment.

The HEC reviews the vocabulary, phrases and expressions used in a variety of typical guest service situations that would occur in a hotel or restaurant. Using appropriate language, however, is not the only key to effective customer service. Language must be combined with an understanding of the principles of customer service and communication techniques. This course provides both, with the goal of not only improving participants’ English language skills, but also improving their ability to communicate effectively with guests and coworkers and provide guests with outstanding service.

Participants must have a reasonable level of fluency in English to take this course. They should be able to read, make themselves understood and understand an every-day basic level of English, even if their verbal expression is not perfect. The HEC is not an ESL program (English as a Second Language). It is not appropriate for individuals who have no English language skills or who are at beginner level. The program does not teach grammar and only reviews vocabulary and expressions commonly used in specific hospitality situations.