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Inspiring Amazing Hospitality Attitudes!

“Frankly I was blown away with the first module of the HPC course. It hit directly into what Marriott tries to establish in the minds of our young pro-spects for Marriott Management.” – Philip Littke ; Director of Training and Development, JW Marriott Marquis – Miami, Florida USA

Customer retention is all about customer service and customer service is all about employee morale, motivation and training. AHA’s online certificate courses assists employers with both.

For 30 years the American Hospitality Academy has had one singular pursuit, “to motivate and inspire employees to deliver excellent service, and to achieve an amazing hospitality attitude. Through AHA’s World Campus, companies can now take advantage of AHA’s proven techniques and affordable customer service and management training courses.

AHA’s World Campus is a unique and engaging online training center that offers professional development courses designed specifically for both front line employees as well as management. All courses are taken fully online and can be completed at your employees’s own pace and on their own time. AHA employs course monitors that track your employee’s progress and provide employers with updates on their progress.

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Hospitality Professional
The Hospitality Professional course consists of industry focused seminars and activities that emphasize the development of both personal and professional leadership traits needed to be successful in the hospitality industry. The HPC focuses on the top employability traits deemed essential by leading hospitality organizations around the world.

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Hospitality Supervisor
A great supervisor needs “hard” skills to improve systems and “soft’ skills” to improve people. The HSC course teaches both. In order to succeed in a high performance workplace, a great supervisor needs to develop both these skills to help maintain and lead a winning team.

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Managing Diversity
The world is becoming smaller and smaller through travel and mass communication. So, how do you work with people from all over the world in one team or company, treat them all with respect and inspire them to achieve a common goal? This is the objective of the MDC course.

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