Business Communication in the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

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At this so called “age of communication”, the hospitality and tourism workplace continues to be challenged by endless concerns related to communication.

The hospitality and tourism workplace is people oriented, as it is focused on providing excellent service to target clientele. It also employs a vast manpower resource to get things done. In this service oriented industry, day to day work calls for continuous flow of information that should be delivered promptly, accurately and efficiently through the most appropriate medium. Constant interaction and close coordination among employees is a necessity. Teamwork is of utmost importance to be able to get things done promptly and according to standards, to satisfy guests and exceed their expectations. All these require effective communication. On the other hand, poor communication leads to low output and productivity, dissatisfied clientele, and at times, workplace conflict.

This course is focused on the formal communication processes commonly used in the hospitality and tourism workplace. Emphasis is given to channels of communication, the different medium and tools used in business communication and how each can be used effectively, and the practice and art of communication in the workplace. It also covers verbal and nonverbal means of communication used in the business context, the use of technology in communication, the correct format of various business communication tools as well as public speaking.